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Be an instructor on our platform and let us make a difference in Africa's Digital Upskilling and Reskilling

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Why You Should Start Today

You control the content

From the word go, you get to have control over the content that you provide to us. This brings out the creativity in you.

You control the content

You will be making a difference in the lives. Your expertise will see them sore through the skills that they have acquired and be a light in their community.

Various benefits

As an instructor on our platform, you will get paid for every course enrollment. You will also get the opportunity to grow your expertise in your field.

Our Process

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Work On A Curriculum

Browse through our upcoming courses, and choose one that you are passionate about, plan a curriculum around it.

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Record Your Course

With aide of a video camera, good background (green screen preferably) and microphone, you are set.

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Publish Your Course

Your course is then made available on our platform and our learners can discover it and you can earn from it. Of course we will do extensive marketing for you.

You will not be alone in the process

Your ease through out the process is what we value. Our Support Team is always on standby to answer your questions and guide you all the way.

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